Initially founded in 2021 as a fortnightly get together, Perth Pride FC has grown into a successful LGBTQIA+ club with weekly social training sessions, periodic matches against other teams and clubs, and other social events.

(Video made in October 2021)

As an all-inclusive team, all players are included within our training sessions, matches and other events regardless of identity.

Perth Pride FC is a social organisation, our aim is to create a safe and welcoming environment for members of the LGBTQIA+ community who are interested in participating and making new friends through the sport.

To assist with achieving this goal our focus is on providing open training sessions for all experience levels and playing in friendly matches against other teams and clubs on an open basis.

An example of our regular training

In line with our vision of being an all-inclusive team, we have adopted a policy to field mixed teams (to the maximum extent possible) in all matches that we participate in.

Where fielding a mixed team is not possible, our members are free to participate in the team most closely matching their preferred gender identity.

By doing so, we aim to promote diversity and inclusivity not just within our own club, but within the greater footballing community.

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